Committee Meeting Minutes – 11th March 2020


Pat Dobner, Carol Pritchard, Lynne West, Hilary Wilson, Jill Wyatt  (Committee)

Lindsey and Manda ( Craik Nadau), Thomas Dobner, Barry Nicholson, Vicki and Aimi Gdula


Tiff Holt, Lyndsey Surkitt, Ruth and Gordon ( Halfpenny Cottage), Debbie Cox, Emma Nicholson, Rachel Hayes, Sue Gregory, Kat (Trees for Life)

1. Minutes of meeting 22nd February 2020

These were accepted as a true record.

Matters arising:

  1. The application for a GIG Bank account has been made to Bank of Scotland and is in progress. Carol has a small donation from the annual Canoe fest to pay in once opened.
  2. Agenda and draft minutes have been circulated to attendees, FAGC Council and FAGC Company and to Cllr. Margaret Davidson.
  3. A Facebook page for the site is in progress, thanks to Thomas Dobner for “volunteering”.

2. Boundaries

The FAG Community Council had made a helpful suggestion that the post code IV63 7** covers the area we had suggested and would give clarity. It was agreed this would be adopted & insert into the constitution.

3. Working alongside FAG Community Council

A meeting had been held between representatives of FAG Community Council and GIG. This had clarified the role of FAGC Council in taking forward issues relating to Highland Council and Transport Scotland and they described actions that they had taken in relation to the issues raised by GIG on behalf of local residents:

  1. Access issues with Glenmoriston Estates. The Highland Council’s Access Officer, Stewart Eastaugh had been asked to address problems where the Estate representatives had closed off public access, and narrowed paths , lined with barbed wire. He had made an initial visit, requiring access along the river past the woods to be re-opened. FAGCC will continue to monitor his progress. He has indicated that if necessary legal action could be taken buthe has asked to be kept informed by individuals who experience problems, so that he can pursue and build a precise case of each individual access violation. Action: Any resident with an access incident should report it directly to Stewart Eastaugh 01463 644831 or Please also keep your FAGCC rep (Rachel or Jeff) in the loop so that they can keep up with the issue.
  2. Road Safety Issues. FAGC Council has contacted Transport Scotland on our behalf to urge action at Redburn on the A887, and no waiting markers are being considered. A meeting between Highland Council and Transport Scotland is being held at the end of the month and the issue of parking along the A887 will be raised. The Community council are aware of other suggestions to improve road safety, such as a pedestrian crossing and 30mph limit in Invermoriston and will raise these on our behalf at an appropriate time. The Trees for Life development is subject to a raft of conditions to address road safety, including widening their opening and Transport Scotland is considering bus stops and road widening. Concerned residents can see progress through the FAGC Council meetings. Action: Jill to contact Rachel with a view to consulting the residents at Redburn to see if a preferred solution can be agreed ( options being No Waiting markers or small lay-by).
  3. FAGC Council liaison Many of the concerns being raised locally are in the statutory remit of the Community Council. To ensure local issues in Glenmoriston are known to them, we are urged to attend their meetings or use our local Councillors ( see their website). Action: GIG committee members to have a rota for ensuring attendance. Lynne 25 March, Pat 29 April, Carol 27 May, Hilary 24June 2020

4. Community Caretakers (FAGC Company)

GIG representatives have been in contact with Glenn who leads the Community Caretaking team to discuss some local concerns. They have spent a day clearing gullies and drains in Invermoriston. Their plans in Invermoriston include improvements to the path up to the cemetery, gravelling the area near the car park by the fuchsia bush, and replacing the small wall near the ramp to the hall (in discussion with the Chair of the Hall management committee this last plan is on hold pending decisions on the toilets). They are also happy to help provide assistance with our main project plans Action: Glenn to meet with GIG reps monthly (Fridays)

5. Update on correspondence

  1. Visit Loch Ness Business Initiative Lynne had not yet received a reply to her email. Barry offered to help make contact but advised that 2020 leaflets were already complete.
  2. City Linkhad advised that the Bus Shelter repair was Highland Council responsibility. If not repaired soon, FAGC Council will be asked to take this forward.
  3. FACC Company Karen had met with GIG officers and given very positive help in understanding how projects might fall within the FAGC Company criteria for grant support

6.Improvements to area around War Memorial

Pat offered to lead on this project, aiming to provide a better standing area but also to make it more attractive. She has the names of some locals involved in the Memorial’s care in the past and will involve them and the wider community in a new design. Barry offered to assist Pat.  Action: Pat to arrange consultation with the community and draw up plans. Once costed, Lynne to prepare bid to FACC Company.

7. Christmas lights

Meetings with FAGC Council and Company had established that there are still funds for more lights in Invermoriston for 2020. A Haldo Box would be provided for accessing power and there is funding to upgrade the external socket on the Millennium Hall. The FAGC Council hold overall responsibility for lights and have advised that the £500 charge by BEAR( for putting up and taking down) rules out lights on the streetlamps. Alternatives might be ground mounted, side of Hall, Bridge, railings, trees and local businesses frontage. Action:Hilary agreed to lead on this, consulting locally on what lights are wanted, ascertaining if local businesses would provide locations, informing Karen at Community Company of our choices for lights and liaising with FAGC Council.

8. Glenmoriston Trail

This plan may be eligible for a FAGC Company grant as a tourism initiative. The idea is to produce (sell at £1) an A4 trail plan leaflet for visitors to take to sites of interest in Glenmoriston (historical, heritage, environmental, scenic, cafes, shops, Hotel), to encourage families to stay and visit. At each site on the trail there would be a wooden post with a stamp to prove it had been visited. Information about the site would be given on the paper or at the post. Each post would have a carved or engraved animal to highlight the diversity of our glen- wild cat, deer, red squirrel, boar, pine marten, grouse etc. ( Ideas for a Boar Trail had been amended after a resident expressed concerns that it may frighten off visitors) Action: Lynne to lead on this and consult with venues to be included, then bid for funding support. Aim to start the trail in 2020. Barry will assist in publicising the trail.

9. Playing area

FAGC Council had confirmed that the funding given to Leisure and Recreation was earmarked for Jenkins Park, so we would have to start from scratch, though our plans for development of the Playing area in Invermoriston could be eligible for Wind farms support. Plans discussed included using the playing field (believed to be owned by the Highland Council) to provide an enlarged and modernised play area, a 5-a-side pitch to replace the full football pitch, a community polytunnel for intergenerational co-operation in growing food for community use, and a gravelled area for parking. Action: Carol to lead on this, seen as a long-term project. Wide consultation with the community and volunteers to help Carol form a working group are needed.

10 Publicity

It was recognised that GIG needs to ensure its plans represent community wishes and so a Facebook page and website would be needed to supplement posting of notices. The website should offer a forum where community views could be expressed. It was noted that a website domain already existed but was relating only to heritage and was not updated. FAGC Company had indicated a bid for support if linked to tourism would be eligible to meet their funding criteria. Action: Thomas to set up Facebook page and investigate how best to establish an active website for GIG. Lynne to include in Tourism bid linked to Glenmoriston trail.

11. Public Toilets

The FAGC Council had advised that the feasibility study by THC had been completed and had shown that public toilets could be provided in Invermoriston. There is no detail on funding for these, location or timing and discussions with the full Millennium Hall committee have not yet taken place. It is known that this would not be resolved this season, so a temporary solution is being explored by THC, which might include portaloos.The meeting felt that charging should be introduced, or better, a donations box. A suggestion of a Chemical toilet disposal site was made, to reduce misuse of public toilets. GIG will continue to monitor developments. Action: Cllr. Margaret Davidson would be asked to include GIG as a consultee when it is nearer to developing its plans for toilets in the village.

12. Highland Council plans to introduce Parking charges at Invermoriston Car Park

FAGC Council was asking for our views and comments on draft charging proposals ( Cars: £1 for one hour, £2 for 2 hours £3 for 4 hours, £4 up to 10 hours: Minibuses, Coaches and HGVs, free up to 1 hour, £3 up to 4 hours and £5 up to 10 hours.) They have been given to April 1st to respond as part of the pre-engagement consultation (as has the Millennium Hall committee). Carol informed the group that the second stage, public consultation, would start in Glenmoriston with a meeting in the Millennium Hall on 16th April. The views of this group meeting were:

No charges should be introduced. The car park serves a very wide community who travel large distances already to form car-pool sharing, to use public transport, to use the village hall for charitable and community events. If charges are introduced, we fear:

  • Residents will be less likely to use the buses from Invermoriston if there is a hefty daily charge.

Carbon emissions will increase, at a time when Council and individuals are being encouraged to use public transport and reduce car use.

  • The Hall is a polling station. The majority of residents of Glenmoriston live too far away to walk and so require free parking to fulfil their democratic responsibilities.
  • The millennium hall serves a vital community service as a hub for social events, Craft Clubs, Canoe fest, Charity fund-raising events. Many activities cover a full day and charging would render attendance at these events prohibitive and cut off vulnerable and elderly residents from community interaction and support
  • If visitors are charged there will be a problem with them seeking free alternatives- dangerous parking on the bridge to see the falls, parking and blocking the narrow Dalcattaig lane, using the Hotel car park and shop pull in. We already see evidence of this from the thoughtless few, but a charging car park will make this much worse.
  • IF the Council goes ahead with introducing car parking charges, we believe that the wide geographical dispersion of our residents makes use of the car park essential, therefore residents should be given free permits.


  1. Lynne to attend FAGC Council  meeting in Fort Augustus on 25th March at 7.30 as well as sending these minutes so that they can be aware of our views. THIS MEETING CAN BE ATTENDED BY ANYONE SO IF YOU WANT THEM TO HAVE YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE ATTEND.
  2. Public to be encouraged to attend THC’s public consultation on April 16th 11.00a.m.

13. Other suggestions

  1. A suggestion had been received that we should organise both Defibrillator training and general first aid training. Since this may be of particular interest to local people dealing with the public, the winter shoulder may be the best timing for people to attend. Action: Lynne to enquire about training providers and organise dates and funding.
  2. Signs telling visitors they are in a red squirrel area. Action: Lindsey/ Manda would explore signs with the Red Squirrel Conservation Society prior to GIG consulting with FAGCCouncil.

14 Next Committee Meeting    18th May 6.30p.m. at Glen Rowan café(public welcome)

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